Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#tRump Rally Echoes Nazis Of The 1930s...

The preacher in this article from Raw Story describes what sounds almost like a Nazi Party rally in the 1930s. This is damned scary shit. #tRump's asshole followers are entitled to their 1st Amendment rights, but so are the rest of us. The rest of us, by the way, being the vast majority of the country. When you look at the numbers, many didn't vote at all, and then #tRump LOST the popular vote among those of us who did vote by about 3 million. So you #tRump fans are the minority in this country. Acting like a bunch of goose-stepping Nazi thugs doesn't impress anyone. It just proves that you ARE in fact, racist, reactionary, fascist thugs. You may as well put on the Nazi gray uniforms. 

What's next, book burning and Krystal Nacht, you Nazi fucks?