Friday, April 7, 2017

#MitchTheBitch, the most #EvilGOPBastard...EVER.

I'm no mental slouch by any stretch of the imagination, but Charles Pierce from "Esquire" magazine makes me look like a neophyte when it comes to history and politics.

With regards to the Merrick Garland/Neil Gorsuch (pronounced GORE-SUCK, regardless of what you hear on TV) situation, Pierce lays a truth smackdown on #MitchTheBitch "Mumbles" McConnell (R-Yertle the Turtle), the likes of which you've probably never read.  He's good enough to read every day...

Anyway, now, thanks to #MitchTheBitch, we have #NeilGoresuck (R-Scalia Junior) being sworn into the SCOTUS for a seat to which he should NEVER have been allowed near. And, in the same process, he's also destroyed the United States Senate and turned it into another version of Congress...just with six year terms. Hey Mitch, #FUCKOFF. Eat shit and die you lowlife, piece of shit.