Sunday, August 27, 2017

#pResidentPopOff Pops Off: Or How He Learned To Love Harvey

So #AgentOrange spent yesterday sucking his own cock via Twitter.   Here are a couple of examples of him fellating himself in public.

Wonderful coordination between Federal, State and Local Governments in the Great State of Texas - TEAMWORK! Record setting rainfall.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 26, 2017

Wow - Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood! We have an all out effort going, and going well!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 27, 2017

Then #DonaldDouche goes on to talk about going to visit Missouri, "a wonderful state...that I won by a lot".  In this same tweet, he politicized his pending visit by predicting a #ReichWingDoucheBag win in the Senate race next year.

However, putting a damper on the #ToxicToad's licking his own balls like a dog, was FEMA director Brock Long.  #Dolt45 had described FEMA and state disability disaster relief efforts as "well under way", but Long put the lie to that statement.  While on CNN with Jake Tapper this morning (8/27/17), Long said relief efforts were just getting underway and that FEMA would be in Texas for years.  That's gotta blow, no pun intended, when you get your knees chopped out from underneath you when you're trying to fold yourself in half to suck your own dick for what a good job you're (not) doing.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pat Robertson & The Devil: Or You're Gonna Cost Me Money, Bitch!

Pat "I see the Devil" Robertson (R-It's Your Money Or Your Damnation) is a charlatan.  But of course, we already knew that.  For those that didn't, one of his former producers has spilled the beans on this greedy asshole by writing a book about his time there.  He details one episode where Mr. Send Me Money tells him that if he puts a particular segment on the air, it would cost Robertson millions. Gee, what a great Christian, eh?  Fucking #DoucheNozzle. Most of the revenue from the "700 Club" goes to pay his salary, is what I understand.  Very little does any actual charity work.  But, what do you expect from a #ReligioNut, #ReichWingFlyingMonkey who backs #HerrGropenFuhrer, #pResidentPopOff?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Steve King, Racist Piece of Shit

I haven't posted anything about Iowa Asshole, #RepubliCon, #ReichWingDouchebag Steve King (R-Canteloupe Calves) in a while.  But this #NaziPig was in rare form today, managing to make a Twitter post about the eclipse into a racist meme and a complete lie, all at the same time.

First, the douche manages to say that, as he's flying over Africa, he could see the eclipse.  This is a physical impossibility, as the eclipse wasn't even visible over Africa.  Then, Mr. #ReichWingFlyingMonkey went all racist (when does he not?) and put up a picture of the eclipse with a picture of Harambe the gorilla imposed into the image.  

To the Dishonorable Steve King, you are a despicable, worthless piece of shit and a waste of space.  You're not even a human being.  You're something much less...

So here's a hearty #FuckOff and #FuckYou "Mister" King.  Go fuck yourself, eat shit and die. And no, this is not a threat in any form or fashion.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

#Nazi Coward Needs Militia Guns To Feel Safe In Public

A #Tex-Ass #NaziDouchebag showed up at the San Antonio city council meeting to protest the movement of a Confederate memorial from a city park to another location in town.  This #NaziPig was obviously compensating for his "shortcomings" (pun & double entendre intended) by showing up in fatigues and carrying a gun, but that's not all.  El-Douchebo here, showed up with armed militia members in tow.  He claimed they were for his protection, blaming the city council for the alleged death threats that HE claims to have received after announcing he was going to show up to protest.  Riiiiight.  And I regularly shit monkeys and gold bricks.  πŸ˜‚  This was just more compensating for "shortcomings" and an attempt to intimidate people.  Like all other bullies, gotta hide behind others and is just a big coward at heart.

Friday, August 18, 2017

(Nazi Can't Get - or Give - No) Satisfaction Pt 3

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The Good News Keeps A'Comin'

We all know that #pResidentPopOff, #OurDearLeader, the #NuclearCheeto, #ElCaudilloDelMar-A-Lago, Donald J. #tRump (R-Ferret Wearing Shit Gibbon) is in a deep pile of πŸ’©. This is a result of both the Mueller investigations (all angles), New York AG investigation, now public opinion is really going South on him (pun intended) as a result of his bigly botched response to #Charlottesville.  So here's the even better news:  Mueller is indeed going after Vice pResident #MikePence-il-Head (R-Religious Handjob).  πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Mueller is taking the angle of attack that the #VacuousVeep knew about Flynn being a lobbyist for foreign countries and was getting kickbacks from the campaign which is considered FRAUD and even worse, hired as National Security Director.  The #IdiotFromIndiana knew that Flynn was a criminal, yet still loudly said Flynn was innocent.  IF the #CretinFromColumbus knew about the kickbacks, then he is guilty of FRAUD. 

My guess is that Flynn has rolled over on both #Dolt45 and the #IndianapolisIgnoramus, which is why Mueller is now going after #Pence-il-Head:  If he didn't have GOOD REASON to suspect the the idiot, he wouldn't be doing it.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Flying Monkeys Don't Like the Facts: Or "Why We Hate the News"

Let me get this straight. You hate the news media because the media "try to answer your questions for you"? 😢 😲Let me give you a clue here, Sherlock:  THAT'S WHAT THE NEWS MEDIA IS FUCKING SUPPOSED TO DO!

It's the job of reporters to go and dig, find the truth and answers to those unanswered questions. Just because you don't like the answers does not mean that it's fake news. It just means that you don't like the answers. It doesn't mean that you're being told what to think. You're free to disagree with what the news media reports. But what that does mean, is that you choose to ignore reality. It means that have this comfort/safety bubble around you're not going to get out of your bubble. You're not going to take your blinders off. 

That's OK. You're free to stay in your bubble. But stay out of OUR way, while those of us who live in the real world, based on facts and truth, try to make the world a better place to live in. We'll continue to make progress to the future, and you can just stay in good little #CaveTrolls. 🀣

#ReichWingDouchebags #ReichWingFlyingMonkeys #KlanBaggers #GOPFail #GOPTreason #GOPStupidity #GOPCriminals #Sheeple 

(Nazi Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Pt 2

So the #NaziDouchebag Internet rag #DailyDouchebag, told all the #NaziPigs at the #UniteThePigs rally in #Charlottesville last Saturday night to "go out and enjoy yourselves", and that if they were at a bar, "random girls will want to have sex with you...Because you're the bad boys. The ultimate enemy of the state.  Every girl on the face of the plant wants your dick now."

OK, so here's my personal take on this. Bwahahahahaha!  ROFLMAFAO!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What a bunch of arrogant...pricks! Bunch of fat slob, beer swilling, aging, weekend warriors; tough talking twenty somethings; frustrated, 4-F'd thirty somethings who couldn't fight "them towel heads" and your average, uneducated #Nazis and Southern #RacistPigs. Lol I'm not sure what's funnier.  The fact that that some #NaziDouchebag took the time to type that up and publish it, or the fact that these nutters actually believe it.

Well, author Dana Schwartz had pretty much the same initial reaction that I did.  Then she really took the #NaziBastards to task.  I won't quote all of it, but here is her summary, and boy is it a doozy:

And so, I take it upon myself to make it very clear that women do not want to fuck the neckbearded neo-Nazi who fancies himself an edgy anti-hero whose only hobby is the internet. We see you, and we are disgusted by you. We are laughing at you.

Well, BOYS (term used very loosely), not only are the women disgusted by and laughing at you, but the population as a whole are too.  To paraphrase Captain James T. Kirk (ST2, The Wrath of Khan), we're laughing at the Master Race.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

(Nazi Can't Get No) Satisfaction

YouTube sensation #CrybabyChrisCantwell (R-Big Tough Man Baby), and wanted felon (he has an arrest warrant issued for involvement in violence in Charlottesville, and cried about it on YouTube), just can't catch a break. #CrybabyCantwell has been trying to find love with another #Nazi by using the services of the dating site OKCupid and apparently, someone didn't like his profile. It was reported and OKCupid banned him...for life. I'm guessing that statements like "I enjoy curbing fags, shooting blocks and gassing Jews in my spare time" didn't impress the ladies...or the site administrators. 藍
Maybe when #CrybabyCantwell gets done with his stint as Leroy's boyfriend (for 3 to 5 years), he can start his own dating site. I have a few suggestions for him:, and ("Because miscegenists don't understand") 藍藍

#EvilGOPBastards #NaziPigs #NaziDouchebags #Nazis #ReichWingDouchebags #ReichWingFlyingMonkeys