Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why Should You Vote For Her? Because She's W...

In Charlotte, NC, there are three candidates running for mayor.  One, Kimberly Paige Barnette, took to FecesBook FaceBook to tell people why they should vote for her. I have to be honest, I've NEVER seen anyone give a list like this. I don't know if it's just desperation from running a distant third place or sheer stupidity or a combination of the two.

Now, before I go any farther, Charlotte is a fairly progressive place for being in the South. It has several universities, is the home of Wachovia, the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, etc, and has a fairly diverse population. The city has had Republican mayors in the past, like Pat McCrory, but he was completely reasonable and moderate in Charlotte. You can't survive there as a hard core, #ReichWingFlyingMonkey.

So, back to the FecesBook post. She gave four reasons for people to vote for her. It said (it's since been deleted, although screen shots exist), and I quote: Vote for me! Kimberly Paige Barnette Mayor of Charlotte 2017 REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL Seriously? Seriously?!?! You couldn't have left it at just "Republican & Smart, Traditional" or "Republican & Traditional" or "Smart & Traditional Republican"? But NOOO! You had to go say VOTE FOR ME BECAUSE I'M WHITE!!!! I'd normally say that just being #RepubliCon, by definition, rules out being smart. This case, it proves the point beyond all shadow of a doubt. Only a complete, total and utter dumbfuck of a #ReichWingDouchbag could make a statement so blatantly racist in a city that has had several popular black mayors. I mean, that's weapons grade, cave dwelling, knuckle dragger-level stupid.

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