Saturday, August 19, 2017

#Nazi Coward Needs Militia Guns To Feel Safe In Public

A #Tex-Ass #NaziDouchebag showed up at the San Antonio city council meeting to protest the movement of a Confederate memorial from a city park to another location in town.  This #NaziPig was obviously compensating for his "shortcomings" (pun & double entendre intended) by showing up in fatigues and carrying a gun, but that's not all.  El-Douchebo here, showed up with armed militia members in tow.  He claimed they were for his protection, blaming the city council for the alleged death threats that HE claims to have received after announcing he was going to show up to protest.  Riiiiight.  And I regularly shit monkeys and gold bricks.  😂  This was just more compensating for "shortcomings" and an attempt to intimidate people.  Like all other bullies, gotta hide behind others and is just a big coward at heart.

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