Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pat Robertson & The Devil: Or You're Gonna Cost Me Money, Bitch!

Pat "I see the Devil" Robertson (R-It's Your Money Or Your Damnation) is a charlatan.  But of course, we already knew that.  For those that didn't, one of his former producers has spilled the beans on this greedy asshole by writing a book about his time there.  He details one episode where Mr. Send Me Money tells him that if he puts a particular segment on the air, it would cost Robertson millions. Gee, what a great Christian, eh?  Fucking #DoucheNozzle. Most of the revenue from the "700 Club" goes to pay his salary, is what I understand.  Very little does any actual charity work.  But, what do you expect from a #ReligioNut, #ReichWingFlyingMonkey who backs #HerrGropenFuhrer, #pResidentPopOff?

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