Friday, August 18, 2017

The Good News Keeps A'Comin'

We all know that #pResidentPopOff, #OurDearLeader, the #NuclearCheeto, #ElCaudilloDelMar-A-Lago, Donald J. #tRump (R-Ferret Wearing Shit Gibbon) is in a deep pile of 💩. This is a result of both the Mueller investigations (all angles), New York AG investigation, now public opinion is really going South on him (pun intended) as a result of his bigly botched response to #Charlottesville.  So here's the even better news:  Mueller is indeed going after Vice pResident #MikePence-il-Head (R-Religious Handjob).  😄😄

Mueller is taking the angle of attack that the #VacuousVeep knew about Flynn being a lobbyist for foreign countries and was getting kickbacks from the campaign which is considered FRAUD and even worse, hired as National Security Director.  The #IdiotFromIndiana knew that Flynn was a criminal, yet still loudly said Flynn was innocent.  IF the #CretinFromColumbus knew about the kickbacks, then he is guilty of FRAUD. 

My guess is that Flynn has rolled over on both #Dolt45 and the #IndianapolisIgnoramus, which is why Mueller is now going after #Pence-il-Head:  If he didn't have GOOD REASON to suspect the the idiot, he wouldn't be doing it.


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